Sunday, 1 May 2011

The art style's just a guideline.

Dangeresque? Dangeresque.

If any other game were to get the fan service and updates that TF2 gets, the players would be over the moon. The forums would be eternal pages of joy, singing the praises of the developers.

Not the Steam forums, however. It seems every update brings negativity from the playerbase, despite the fact that, aswell as fixing bugs and adding new maps like they've been doing since 2007, every update brings yet more weapons, and hats, and teddies, than Valve used to pump out per annum.

That said, is the problem quantity over quality? Valves own models are, as they were at the stock level, good, detailed models; the same cannot be said for some of the community weapons, which usually come in groups of around 1230 (estimated), and are, in my opinion, usually of lower quality. I'm not pointing any fingers, but some models I just can't bear, and I think some were a misteak.

Also, how does my Demo loadout look?
Here's a hint; the answers AWESOME.


  1. Never played TF2, had friends that have though and seems like a fairly good game to me :)

  2. It's actually a great game; they've updated it for free since 2007 and I think the fans really under appreciate what they get.

  3. Never played gonna start now

  4. domo arigato for this review mr. Eagle, pointed me in the right direction here.

  5. Its addictive, trading ruined the imo

  6. The community is just a weird, weird place sometimes.